Friday, December 30, 2011

Lovely DIYs

Here's this weeks round up of my favorite DIYs!

1. Leather feather necklace DIY from Sincerely Kinsey 
Absolutely love this... Kinsey is my absolute favorite blogger right now. She has the cutest style and DIY's!

2. Belt organizer diy by Scathingly Brilliant 
I have so many belts and I have absolutely no where to put them, this is the most useful DIY I've come across in a while! I love it!

3. DIY Peplum sweater by Grosgrain Fabulous
... holy... cute. This one is absolutely amazing! So in love!

4. DIY heart tights on Chictopia 
These are so pretty! They remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. I absolutely love them!

5. Outfit planner by Photojojo 
This is just brilliant! I have those days when I just can't decide what to wear, this would come in handy


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