Monday, January 2, 2012

Pretty Hair...

Am I the only girl out there who finds herself in a hair rut and does the same thing every day?
I hope not...
Here's some inspiration to help me (and anyone else in need) to mix things up!

1. Braid crown and curls... so lovely and seems easy enough! Plus I absolutely love her hair color!

2. Low french braid up do- this is so pretty but I could see doing it in every day without looking over done!

3. This cute every-day hair do- not only is the hair do super cute, but her tutorial pictures are adorable! And she says it only takes her 5 minutes! I can do that!

4. Bow under bun- I find myself pulling my hair into a bun almost daily. This would be a cute and simple fix to add a little umph to my daily look!

5. It's called the perfect holiday hair, but I think it would be cute any time of the year!
(click each picture for source)

Hope it helped inspire you too!


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  1. Such pretty hairstyles! Great photo finds. :)
    xo, Kinsey


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