Saturday, January 21, 2012

Call Me a Broken Record...

But England has the BEST brands.
Newest obsession?
It all started with this dress. I purchased it in the Modcloth cabin fever sale(no longer available) and I am just beyond smitten!
(p.s. all their dresses are on sale on their website!)
Trollied Dolly was created by two sisters on a mission to create beautiful clothes with bold prints, and boy oh boy did they succeed.
Here are my current favorites...
(all images from their website)

The perfect vintage inspired frocks.
I seriously want every single one of them, the only thing stopping me is my bank account.
SO beyond smitten!
Which dress of theirs is your favorite?



  1. I just loooooove Trollied Dolly! I have a dress I would wear all summer if I could! :D - oh can't wait till summerrrrrrr!!!! :D :D
    xo Noor

    1. Aw! That dress is so cute! I seriously want every single one from their collection! Way too cute!


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